A brush with greatness (or at least fame)

A customer sent an e-mail on Friday asking which cruiser Hilary Duff is riding in this picture, so I replied to say that it's the Alloy SS. Later that afternoon, the marketing director sent a company-wide e-mail with a picture of Owen Wilson riding one of the cruisers, just as a cool product placement thing. I replied to that with the Hilary Duff picture attached (along with a note about the customer sending it to me, so that he didn't think I was browsing oh-hilary.com). The marketing director forwarded my e-mail and the picture company-wide too.

A few hours later, the sales rep for L.A. saw the picture from me and called our office, guffawing. Apparently, the sale rep has a shop just down the street from his house, and when he's not on the road, sometimes helps out on their sales floor. A couple weeks ago, he said he helped this "really hip-looking young couple buy a matching pair of Schwinn Alloy SS cruisers - he had lots of tattoos and she was cute and tiny." It was Hilary Duff and her boyfriend, who is the lead singer of Good Charlotte (which is some sort of angsty teenager band).

The moral of this story is that you shouldn't get famous. Wait - is that right? Well, something about fame and knowing your roots and Hailey Duff having a giant beak of a nose anyway.


K.Bro said...

For the record, Good Charlotte is not just an angsty teenager band. I happen to be a fan and I'm not angsty or a teenager. Although it kind of makes me sick to think about Joel and Hilary buying matching bikes.

Mister Vertigo said...

Yeah, I kind of think of Good Charlotte as more of a Punk band. Not totally a punk band, but kind of.

It's kind of odd to think of Hilary and him together too. She seems like a clean cut sweetheart next door, and he is kind of a, well, punk rocker. Oh well.

Also that picture looks nothing like her. If you would not have said in your post who it was I would have never guessed.

J.Bro said...

I think what we need to focus on here is not the question whether or not Good Charlotte is a punk band or a faux-punk "band", but rather the question of whether Hil and I are now friends or just "buds".

towwas said...

Oh, please. Good Charlotte is totally an angsty teenager band. I saw them at a big festival concert thing in Baltimore and they were trying to simultaneously, and unironically, pull off their angsty teen schtick (complete with hilarious teen-goth set pieces) and be all, what up waldorf! Yeah hometown! We got people from our high schol here! (Waldorf, Md. being where they're from.)

K.Bro said...

well, brother, if you and "Hil" are buds because of the bike thing, then Joel and I must be BFF because I actually met him once...you big dork!