Salt, pepper, and Phil Wood grease

From Chris King's website -
No matter how hard we try, a certain number of hubshells just aren't going to pass our quality control standards. A bore is a tiny bit off, a wall thickness is little out of the tolerance, maybe the shell's surface finish was not quite right. Into the scrap pile it goes. Unless it would be OK for a shaker.

No MSRP online, but if all of you want to chip in for some sort of summer solstice gift for me, you could probably call them for the price. I like green.


Burrito Eater said...

Too many bike posts make your normal clientele silent...except for me...

I Blog, You Blog said...

Actually, I was thinking that my bike nerd friend (soon to be defecting to the West Coast *sob*) would get a huge kick out of these.

I'm not so much in the know, but judging by the reaction at the last messenger rally I went to he and his partner apparently have a "badass" fixie hub:

My comments are generally in the realm of "oooh...shiny!" *shrug*

J.Bro said...

Damn, IBYB, Level hubs are bluuuung! And you said "fixie" - sweeeeet.

I Blog, You Blog said... hang out with the courier crowd long enough, you pick up on the lingo. He and his friends are a blast... I'm bummed he's migrating leftward, actually...

I keep telling him he should read your blog (he's anti-blog in general...feels like it's too eavesdroppy)...maybe I'll try again. :)

(Did you see the picture of Reed and Don King on the "News" part of the site? Now, mind you, Reed is almost 6' tall, which would make Don King friggin' enormous if he wasn't standing on something... Must remember to ask about that...)