Quiz it up, homies

1) Do you think you're more attractive from the front or from the side?

2) What's the largest bill you'd refuse to reach into a full port-a-pottie to get?

3) Did you know that today is M.Bro's birthday? Update: And that she and Mel were attacked by a beaver on their walk to work this morning?!?

My answers:
1) Definitely from the front - I think my noggin is elongated from the side, but looks pretty normal-sized from the front view. Also, I look less bald from head-on.

2) $20 - a twenty just seems to common of denomination to excite me enough to do something that requires disinfecting my arm. If I told someone I dove in for a twenty, they'd say, "Man, that's disgusting - I have a twenty right here in my wallet that I would have given you not to do it". But a fifty on the other hand - that's a bill you don't see every day.

3) Yessiree. Update: Yes, but not until five minutes ago - but ha! Beaver attaaaaaack!

Beaver Update 2: Here's the whole beaver story from M.Bro:
It was sitting along the edge of the sidewalk by the soccer fields, looking at us. Mel spotted it a few seconds after I did and asked me nervously whether I saw it - I hadn't said anything because I assumed that, as we got closer, it would run down the hill away from us. Just as Mel finished asking, though, it kind of jumped toward us. Mel pretty much ran into traffic (except there were no cars on the road), and then we both ran across the street and crossed back to our side at the next stoplight.


Burrito Eater said...

1. From the front for sure!!! Hands down.

2. Depends on the portapotty, $1-$10

3. Actually yes as you asked me what sort of gift would be good as if I would be an expert on what to get Missy after hanging out with her for a couple days in the last month...I am still wondering if you are going with idea #1.

Mister Vertigo said...

1. I honestly have no idea. My guess would be from the front.

2. It kind of depends. Is the bill covered in muck, or just sitting on top? If it's just sitting on top that wouldn't be a big deal, but if I have to dig it had better be at LEAST a $20, and that would be pushing it!

3. I did know it's Missy's birthday! Not only was it on my calendar, but I always remember that its 4 days before mine!

Attacked by a beaver? That's not something you hear every day.

J.Po said...

I LOVE QUIZZES! ...although this one has a distinct element of disgusting.

(1) From the side, yo. From that perspective, one can see that ballet has actually done something for my calves. I haven't gone to ballet in two weeks, however, due to: (1) a strained muscle in my back; (2) the need to pack boxes for my impending move; (3) a bugger of a cold that hit me yesterday.

(2) A benjamin. There was an urban (or rural, perhaps) legand at girl scout camp that some guy lost his glasses in a latrine and proceeded to jump into the hole to swim for them. I can't help thinking about that everytime I go camping. Eeeewww.

(3) A beaver?!?!?! Did it gnaw on them and add their limbs to the dam?

towwas said...

1. The side. I don't have a particular justification for this. I just think I look better from the side.

2. I might do it for a 20, if there was no digging involved and a sink nearby with some good hot water and soap.

3. Well, no, I didn't know that, but then M.Bro is a complete stranger.

Spice said...

1. Absolutely the front. My bad posture and plumpness is much more noticable from the side.

2. I think I'm with J.Po on the benjamin.

3. Happy birthday to M.Bro! It's too bad that her birthday 'fun' included a beaver attack!

Burrito Eater said...

Too bad? That is a birthday to remember forever, that is awesome! :)

miss shirley said...

1. The front. No, the side. No, the front. Oh hell, I'm just hot any way you look at me.

2. I'd get Mr. Mister to do it. Perk of marriage, someone to do disgusting things for you! Ooh, that sounded terrible...or good depending on how you look at it.

3. I hope M. Bro liked the beaver I sent - oh, oops.

Sophist said...

1) Photos tell me that the front is better.
2) Grody. I think it'd be a $50, but only if I had tongs. Maybe a Benjamin without tongs.
3) I've always wanted to see a beaver, but maybe not any more. Happy Birthday M. Bro!