Horribly and hilly and, thus, aptly-named

A few of you have asked me where the race report from Saturday's stupid-fest is. Frankly, I didn't realize anyone really read my reports, so I'm kind of sillily (well, then it should be a word) pleased at that. So it's up. It's long, so if you don't want to read the whole thing, here's the summary -

IIIIIIII'm on tonight,
my hips don't lie,
and I'm startin' to feel ya boy


Sophist said...

J. Bro, I have a training question. I just found out that the century that I signed up for on Sept 10 has a hill that hits a 16% grade at the steepest part. The total climb is about 600 ft. This hill is at mile 90 of the century. I'M SCARED!!!! How should I train? Do you have suggestions for training regimens, weight-lifting exercise, etc. that could help?

P.s. My bike has a triple ring.

Sophist said...

Oh yeah for those carbon fiber bike people, look what was on a gizmodo -
a super lightweight carbon fiber toilet!

Did you blog about a carbon fiber doggy water bowl a while ago? This would go well with it.

J.Bro said...

Wow - that's going to be short and steep and painful! You're light, though, and it sounds like you've already been putting in some long climbing miles. Add in the triple crank and I don't think you should lose any sleep over it.

Here's what I'd do to build some more power - once a week, throw your chain onto the big ring for a climb you'd normally do in your middle ring, but sit, sit, sit the whole way. Your thighs will get huuuge and you'll have to trade in your carbon toilet for something that has more lateral rigidity.

Sophist said...

Thanks for the tip!
How long of a climb should I do in the big ring? On the order of minutes, or tens of minutes?

I'm looking forward to massive thighs. Have you ever seen Triplets of Belleville? Yeah, thighs like that. If you haven't seen that movie, go out and rent it now! It's mostly set in the Tour de France and is super quality and trippy, and includes multiple frog-eating scenes.

the post-a-comment window is acting up so apologies if you get this comment twice.

miss shirley said...

Sillily. Nice one.

J.Bro said...

In regular units of minutes - those climbs that takes tens of minutes are probably hard enough on their own. I want to ride up a mountain.

K.Bro said...

I never thought my big brother would be making up words and writing Shakira lyrics...well, maybe the new word part is not so odd.

towwas said...

1. You have sponsors. That's bad-ass.
2. When you wrote SAG wagon, I kept thinking Screen Actors' Guild, and wondering what that wagon would carry.
3. Triplets of Belleville: awesome movie. In fact, I own it. I should watch it again.