The good news and bad news post

Bad news: I missed my TMM goal by a hair over 200 miles. I could blame the rainy 10 days in the middle of the month, but it would be more accurate to blame my odd lack of motivation the last week or so. Can't explain it - can only accept it and move on.

Good news: Maybe there will be pictures when I get home, but I was given a cool new frame to build today. It's a 29er (road-diameter wheels, which are larger in diameter than mtb wheels, with big 2" knobby tires = a bike with giant wheels) and I'm going to build it as a fully rigid singlespeed mountain bike. I might take it out to Blackhawk Ski Area for their Wednesday night race series, and then race it at some cyclocross events this fall. I still need wheels, tires, and a chain tensioner, but it already looks great.

Bad news: Bears.

Good news: I spent the last two days at work unloading and building sample 2007 model year bikes for the annual sales meeting next week. They look pretty great - keep an eye out for glowing reviews in bike mags this fall.

Bad news: I see a bad moon a'risin'. I see trouble on the way.

Good news: My ride tonight was muy excellente. All the way up Old Sauk Pass in my big chainring and 2x times up my secret training hill (no, I won't. OK - one hint: it's in Ohio). Two weeks and two days until Horribly Hilly Hundred and I'm on pace to lower my time from two years ago substantially.

Bad news: My new shoes are still a little rough on my toes. I think I'm going to mess with the inserts to see if I can relieve some of the pressure on my little toes. If I can't figure out how to make them really, really comfy before the HHH, I may end up riding the last stage with my bare feet on top of my shoes.

Good news: WORS race at 9-mile state forest this weekend - it was my first mtb race (and my third-ever mtb ride) two years ago and still my favorite course. Lots of big ring riding, especially on the first lap. I'll do my best to keep up with Burrito Eater, and then pass him when his headset, brakes, rear derailleur, stem, and/or frame breaks.

Bad news: I don't have enough bad news to keep up the Good news/Bad news/Good news pattern.

Good news: From
Beck has just completed his new album, which he's been in the studio working on with producer Nigel Godrich. The album is due out this fall - check back here at soon for more information.

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miss shirley said...

At least you ran out of bad news. That's a good sign.