Goings-on at BikeCo

-2007s are being shown and being seen, including a fully rigid singlespeed 29er with matte white paint called the Peace. Egad, I wants one.

-There's a giant crane in the parking lot. It's probably trying to figure out how to lift our roof to feast on the building's gooey insides.

-BikeCo has a bike commuter program now - $2/day for a round-trip commute by bike. 'bout time, BikeCo.


Burrito Eater said...

Only $1 for me since I live less than 5 miles away... :( I think they should've named it "Piece"

grrrbear said...

The crane is probably waiting for the building to hatch, and for all the baby employees to make a mad dash for the sea like a sea gull hunting baby turtles.

In which case, be sure to wear your helmet.

Little Bro said...

What goey insides.