1) M.Bro's 16 year-old sister, Mel, is going to be living with us for a few weeks. As christian-youth-group as it sounds, we're excited to get a chance to have a positive influence on her, and to maybe show her that living outside Nebraska isn't quite as terrible as people have led her to believe. On the other hand, I can't walk around the apartment naked anymore, so there's that.

2) From my front door, around the Ironman loop, and back is 52 miles. In early April, when I started worrying about the HHH (this Saturday!), I rode this as hard as a I could, sort of as an early-season fitness test. I finished in 3:10 (~17mph) and mentally marked the spots on the road where I hit 1:00 and 2:00 for reference. I rode it again yesterday, probably for the 10th time since that first test, and even with a 15mph headwind from the southeast, my times were much better. I hit the 1:00 mark at 49:15, the 2:00 mark at 1:37, and finished in 2:37 (~20mph). I also cut a minute off the time it took me to climb Old Sauk Pass. 9:30, including stops at the aid stations, is my goal for Saturday.

3) I'm skipping the aquathon on Thursday night. My calves and quads were tender for days after last month's cramp-fest, and while I'm reasonably sure there won't be a repeat, I've been looking forward to HHH for too long to risk it.


Anonymous said...

Thats a little too much info but good job on the bike timings.

Little bro said...

sorry I clicked the wrong button that is little bros comment above.

Burrito Eater said...

Holy crap, 2:37? You must've hammered! 9:30 huh? That would be pretty awesome!!! Who's going to zip my wetsuit on Thursday now?