If you missed the $10 Spring sale at Threadless, you have until midnight on May 8th to catch the Summer sale. I just got the e-mail and the website is already sloooooww, which probably means a bum-rush of hipsters. It's the worst kind of bum-rush. Code "SUPER TEES" will get you $3 off any order, and "parsons-nyc" will getcha another $5 off a $50+ order.

They reprinted Panda-monium, which is awesome and may be in my drawer soon.

And, as always, if you're gonna order with them, could you use the link from this post? I get a little bit of credit for the referral.


towwas said...

Oh I didn't know you got credit. I'll keep that in mind for next time. And you should get Pandamonium so we can be threadless twins. (I actually got it in the spring sale and haven't worn it yet.)

Spice said...

Damn - I purchased before this got posted, so I missed out on the extra $3 and helping you with the link.

Hopefully I got the right size this time.

Mister Vertigo said...

I ordered rock HOWTO last night with your link. You should be getting credit. However, in my excitement of this shirt being reprinted, I forgot to use the $3 off code. Oh well. $10 is still pretty good for a cool t-shirt.

Sophist said...

J. Bro, you must have a lot of t-shirts by now.