Ridiculous sandbagging

I just read online that Tim Deboom, a pro triathlete who won the Ironman world championships in Kona twice in the last couple years, is going to race the tiny little Lake Mills triathlon on June 4th. How crazy is that? Pretty crazy, on a scale of normal to Tom Cruise flying Katie Holmes to her parents' house. Apparently, he's sponsored by Trek and riding the Trek 100 as a celebrity guest on Saturday the 3rd, so the Lake Mills race director convinced him to come. I wonder if he'll try to crush everyone (in the first two minutes), or take it easy and race with the leaders?


Brent the Tank said...

Hate Trek, works for me. Those evil, evil naked farm animal molesters who blow up school busses with nuns, baby seals, and orphan children on board!

Burrito Eater said...

I am sure that after riding a ridiculous amount of miles the day before the best DeBoom can expect to do is about 8th or 9th place.