Poor, fatherless Suri

It's breaking celebrity news - get it here before you get it at the grocery store later this week!
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reportedly got into a big fight — that ended with Holmes deciding to take baby Suri to Ohio to introduce the infant to family and friends. Tom, who is rumored to have a rocky relationship with Holmes’ parents, won’t be joining them, according to Life & Style Weekly.


I Blog, You Blog said...

I also heard on a radio entertainment scoop thing that he actually flew them to Ohio himself and will be going back in his jet to pick them up...because he didn't want Katie taking his cargo there alone. It's creepy.

Also? Mom and Dad Holmes are having a great big wing built on their house. Gossip has it that Katie and the Kitten want to move home.

The plot thickens! :)

Sophist said...

Reading about TomKat is so strangely gratifying.

J.Po said...

how deliciously delightful

miss shirley said...

How dare she want to introduce the baby to her family? Evil wench. *sigh* I miss Joey Potter.