It just never stops - never ever stops. Rode to work in the rain, looked out the window at sunshine all day, and then the sky just opens up 20 minutes before I'm planning to leave. Missy's going to drive me home and you can all just shut up about it.

Update: Silly May took 15 minutes to go from hell-esque to nicest-day-of-the-summer back to scary-clouded and back to nice. During the most recent nice, I rode just a little. Not as much as Burrito Eater, who apparently rode some giant 25-minute hill near Baraboo (which he'll be posting a map to, I assume. Right? RIGHT?!Q?)

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Burrito Eater said...

Baraboo rocked! We got lucky weather-wise and I was climbing really well!

Must be a busy month in the Brozek household...I heard May is National Scrapbooking Month...I figured it would be February or something...