Why just ride?

Riding my bike alone is just like racing myself, which sucks because I always lose. I was disappointed that I was going to have to miss out on some early-season races - the Platteville cross-country time trial is the same day as my panel at the MPSA conference, and I'm going to out of town the day of the first WORS race of the season. BurritoEater just e-mailed me about another early-season race, though - now I have 19 days to get back in racing shape. You just tell me to skip the conference to train and I will.

April 30 - Rock Cut State Park - Rockford, IL
Choice of courses: 10 mile, 25 mile, 37.5 mile

The registration fee is $25 for whichever course I pick, so I feel like I should do the 37.5 mile race. It's only 67 cents per mile, compared to $1 per mile for the medium course and $2.50 per mile for the short course. The 37.5 mile race would be almost 5 times as cost-effective in terms of racing-miles-for-my-buck.


Spice said...

This has nothing to do with cycling (although the weather here has been quite nice, eh?), but yesterday I was at a Q&A with this guy works at (i.e. "runs") The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (who shall go nameless - but y'all here at UW can easily figure it out). I asked him about the shows' role as a check on the media and the role of humor in that, and particularly mentioned Jon Stewart's appearance on Crossfire. I think he was a bit unsettled by the departure from the undergrads' "Is Jon Stewart really that smart?" questions (this was a small meeting set up for a single undergrad class - and the answer is "yes"), but agreed that the comedy thing was a double-edged sword (you can go further, but aren't taken as seriously). Then, and most interestingly, he launched into a whole thing about how they were really unhappy with the Crossfire thing and had had meetings about how it was "the type of thing we were not interested in doing in the future." From both his body language and tone of voice, it was pretty obvious that people at TDS were totally pissed about it.

Burrito Eater said...

Don't forget gas money! :) It'll be a fun game, try not to get lapped by the fast 3-lappers!