I just got back from the vet, changed into cycling clothes, filled a bottle, put on my helmet, gave my chain a quick clean & lube, and started to head out the door for a quick ride - only to find a very flat rear tire. No problem, though, I'll just change it quick and only lose a few minutes of riding time. Flat changed, I opened the closet to grab a fresh spare for my seat pack - nada, no more tubes in my box.

Update: Instead of kicking myself for being unprepared In addition to kicking myself for being unprepared, I grabbed my mountain bike out of the garage and putted down to do some hill repeats on Parmenter St. I rode a couple loops through the half-mile of trails at Walnut Grove Park on the way, then rode up the Parmenter hill six times. I took a left on Old Sauk on the way back because I was going to ride up the steep hill (steep enough for a warning sign) near University a couple times.

I took a right into Owen Park before I got there, though, and I couldn't have made a better detour. There have to be close to 5 miles of mountain bike trails in Owen Park - none of it is exceptionally technical, but there are some good climbs, it's fun to ride the big paved runoff ditch like a halfpipe, and it's less than two miles from my house.

After some research, the City of Madison says I'm wrong about the mileage - it's only 3.4 miles of trails. It was also the farm and personal retreat of former UW professor John Owen. Thanks for the trails, John!

That makes four sections of mtb trails in the Madison metropolitan area that I know of, plus one that Burrito Eater says he found by his house. We should sketch these out on a map and make some giant urban-mtb loop.

This is completely unrelated to the previous paragraphs, but I wanted to add to the pile of sadness from two posts ago and I knew no one would scroll down to check for updates - School Sends Kids to Closed Amusement Park


Mister Vertigo said...

Did you notice where the school was that sent the kids to the amusement park? Reno, NV.

I found it interesting...

Burrito Eater said...

I rode the new trails at Quarry Ridge last night. There is about 1 mile of nice new singletrack, another mile of old singletrack that has crap growing over it so you continually are hitting branches and a couple other fun parts (trying to ride up this steep hump, I was 0 for 2 in one direction and 1 for 3 in the other.)

Isn't Owen Park a nature conservancy? I didn't know you could ride through there. There is a creek behind it however that can be alot of fun on foot!

Spice said...

As J.Po and Sophist undoubtedly remember, Six Flags Marine World used to be known as the confusingly titled "Marine World Africa USA." There was some long story about how it got that moniker, and of course I don't remember it - I think it had something to do with an aquarium (Marine World Africa) merging with an amusement park (USA! USA!).

J.Po said...

Wow Spice, I don't remember that at all. But funny!