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I drove to Rockford this morning to pre-ride the course at Rock Cut Park before the mtb race tomorrow morning. Don't let Burrito Eater fool you - it's certainly not an easy course. There are at least six sections that I'd have to run over during the race, probably even with more practice. It started raining - not hard - just as I was swinging a leg over my bike and within an hour, the rooty climbs were too slippery to ride quickly or safely and there was lots of standing water on the trail. It's a 25-mile race tomorrow, which I thought would probably take 1:45 if I rode fast - my fastest lap today was 1:15, so 1:45 is a pipe dream (which may need to be hyphenated, but certainly not combined).

I'm home now because I didn't want to camp in the rain, and I'm on the verge of not going back tomorrow at all. shows rain all night and through the afternoon tomorrow in Rockford, and I don't know if I want to drive an hour and pay $25 to fall in the mud again and again and again. And again. Probably one more time.

Update: As the Eata' posted in the comments, the race has been postphoned! I'm superglad because now I don't have to feel like a pansy because I didn't want to race in the mud, also I get another cance on a course I thought I could do reasonably well on. The only think keeping me from being uberglad is that I took Thursday and Friday off from riding to give my legs a break for today - now, it turns out that was a complete waste of two gorgeous days.
"Do The Rock" Mountain Bike Race Cancelled for April 30
Posted by admin on 4/29/06
6:00 PM Saturday, April 29 - The Trail Crew has been monitoring trail conditions at Rock Cut State Park and, due to the weather, has decided to cancel the "Do The Rock" mountain bike race.

A lot of volunteers put in a lot of time organizing this event and we are as disappointed as you are that we can not put it on.

We are meeting on Monday with the park's land manager to schedule a rain date, and will post all updates here on the web site.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and patience.

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Burrito Eater said...

Race was cancelled!!! Good thing you rode today and didn't camp tomorrow! Sorry man that your season opener won't happen!!!