Help me pull this knife out of my heart!

The New Pornographers are playing another show in Madison - Sunday, 4/23 at the High Noon Saloon!

But wait! According to the HNS's website, "There will be no tickets sold for this show- you need to win an invite through Jack Daniel's to attend. For your chance to win tickets, read The Onion (, listen to WMMM 105.5 ( or look for the Jack Daniel’s Promotional team in the Madison area!"

Don't want to go, but do want to help me win tickets? Send an e-mail to with "Jack Daniel's Studio No 7" as the subject line and your birthdate in the text, and have them put the tickets in my name at will-call!

And, for god's sake, if you see someone dressed as a bottle of Jack Daniels on State Street, get me a ticket from them!


Brent the Tank said...

You listen to 105.5 triple M? I listen to that station. I thought you were too cool for mainstream radio

Mister Vertigo said...

I sent two e-mails, one from work and one from home. I'll let ya know!

Burrito Eater said...

I sent an e-mail explaning how big a fan I am. I'll keep you posted if I win tickets...of course there will be a price to pay! :) Burritos perhaps?