Go ahead - smell it!

That's what the air smells like on my favorite day of the year - open your office windows, take your students to Bascom Hill, eat lunch on the patio, roll around in the grass, ride your bike, or something similar, but whatever you do, don't waste my favorite day!

Also, I'm just going to steal this entire e-mail from TimH, because it's hi-larious
Ever wonder if you made the right career choice? Worry that you didn't? Fear not, for I bring you news of great joy. According to Money magazine, you have the second best job in America! That's right, barely beaten out by something called "software engineer," college professor is the first among the rest!


What makes it second best? Flexible schedules, "creative thinking" and NO dress code. You can make an average salary of $81,500 and the demand for college professors is exploding!

Surely current grad students are saying, "But the road to being a college professor is a long one, I can't wait!" Don't worry, because according to Money magazine, as a graduate TA, you are already included in the category. So borrow some money and have a beer for you have one of the greatest jobs in America!

And those of you who haven't quite finished your dissertation, stop now! Money magazine says that it is SO easy to break in at this level--you can even teach with a master's degree!

Next time your son/daughter, niece/nephew, says they want to be a doctor, lawyer or something called "software engineer," give them a copy of Thucydides, correct them and say, "No, you want to be a college professor...just ask Money magazine"

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