A compendium of bike-related things

I had one bike-related thing to post about, but it would have been kinda puny to support a whole post of its own. Then I got another thing, and then a third thing quickly followed, so they're going in one mega-ultra-bike-post.

Thing 1 - After two hours on my bike on Monday, two more Tuesday, 3:45 yesterday, and 2:15 this afternoon, it's officially my biggest week of training since Ironman in 2003. It's been 162 miles, all west of town, which means all hilly. I wouldn't say my legs are sore in the way you'd typically think of muscles being sore - they are really tired though. Walking up Bascom hill and then three flights of stairs to my office made me want to sit on one of the landings to rest. I feel like I can't drink enough water to keep myself from being thirsty.

Thing 2 - Remember this post? And Burrito Eater's comment that he would check it out when he visited his brother? Burrito Eater (who is looking awfully svelte these days) does not lie to you. Bonus creepy sea creature picture!

Thing 3 - Alejandro Acton, who rides for the new GT/TargetTraining road team, led yesterday's stage at the Tour de Georgia for 150km, getting as far as 10 minutes ahead of the Peloton. Unfortunately, he got caught before the line and Discovery's Yaroslov Popovych took the win and the leader's jersey.

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Burrito Eater said...

I wasn't all that impressed however, work seemed to be slow and the trails seemed pretty short, easy and not very flowy. There were a couple challenging obstabcles but the biggest challenge seemed to be carrying speed or lack there of when approaching obstacles...they have alot of work ahead of them as they were using tons and tons of small rocks and gravel.

Good job on the mileage front!