I finished rebuilding my mountain bike on Thursday night in anticipation of taking it to Kettle this weekend, but Friday's rain shut the trails down. The ground is still pretty saturated from the melting (well, melted) snow, so it doesn't take much rain to make them unrideable.

With actual mountain biking ruled out, I decided to take it out on Saturday afternoon anyway - just riding around city streets and hitting a couple small sections of trail in city parks. Missy needed to put in a 9-mile run, so I let her leave a few minutes before me and then played a little game of Find-My-Wife. It turned out to be a fun 2-hour game, and a doing hill repeats on the city streets was a fantastic workout. It was fine when I ran it through the cassette on my workstand, but my rear derailleur had all kinds of shifting problems under load - I'll have to bribe one of the guys at BikeCo with beer to adjust it right before I ride it too much more and bent a cog or something.

Oh, road bike - why do you look so sad? OK I will ride you. I found a nice square that starts at our house, hits some of the climbs on the Horribly Hilly Hundred and Ironman courses, and comes back to our driveway 14.97 miles later. I did two loops of it on Sunday afternoon, and then ran 3 miles with Missy after she got off work. There's nothing better than that feeling of pushing 25 with your feet barely scraping the pedals, is there? Thanks, tailwind!

I've decided that this summer is going to be The Summer of Better Bike Handling, which includes the following goals:
1) Descending more confidently and more brake-free, on the road and on the trails (so that I can keep my lead after my big breakaway from the Peloton on the last climb)
2) Looking behind me without being so swervy (so that I can make sure the sprinters' teams aren't catching up to me on the finishing straight)
3) Riding hands-free for more than 10 seconds (for my victory salute at the line)
4) Clearing log piles on the trails without dismounting and running over them
5) Bunny-hop higher than a half-inch

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Burrito Eater said...

Bummer about the Kettles. :( I found me a good 1/3 mile of singletrack only 1/2 mile from my place. Should be awesome!

Is that a Riley loop? I can go from home, out mid-town around to Riley down and back in about 18 miles, pretty intense. '

Happy Fudd Day!