A Photo Collection

This was yesterday afternoon, at mile 10 or so of the hike, right after the weather turned from misty to soaking-my-purse-shut-up-it's-a-bag wet.

Last night, Matt and Gretchen took us, parents, and friends to a Moroccan restaraunt, which involved sitting on pillows and eating shared food without utensils. This photo is the waiter pouring mint tea from way up in the sky. TOWWAS - I don't know how to get there, or even the name of the place. Up a mountain and then down a mountain and then a bunch of stoplights or something.

This morning, after breakfast and picking up some souveneirs for Darrell to take home to Missy's brothers and sisters, Matt and Gretchen drove us up the coast toward North Shore. If you look closely, there's a lighthouse in this photo. It's like a little game for your brain. "Find the lighthouse" is the name of the game.

There's a story about this giant rock in the sea - apparently the Hawaiian gods killed the giant lizard that protected Oahu in order to allow their people to live here. After it was killed, the lizard broke into five pieces - this is the tail section.

We didn't quite make it to the North Shore before we had to turn around and get back to Honolulu - Missy and I had tickets to a sunset dinner luau aboard the Starlet. Cheers to mai tais on the ocean!

Missy says, "These waves are bigger than I'm comfortable with," and the captain agreed - instead of being a sea-going vessel, the Starlet stayed in the bay for two hours.

The luau was hampered by 6 1/2' ceilings, but still managed to pack in seven or eight costume changes. No fire-twirlers though.



towwas said...

Eh, that's ok, we have moroccan restaurants here.

Spice said...

I can't believe you enjoyed delicious food and drink in a beautiful setting instead of watching the hi-lar-i-ous Unan1mous on FOX!

J.Po said...

What's with the purse?!?!

J.Bro said...

IT'S NOT A PURSE! It's a canvas and leather rucksack, which is very manly. Very manly indeed. I need a manly bag for my chapstick and cellphone.