A half-million words

To complement the long post below, here are a handful of the 479 photos I just moved from our camera to my laptop. I thought maybe we'd burn our familes a CD of the pictures we took on the trip, but we may have to use sort of eight-layer Blu-ray DVD to fit them all.

Walking down Waikiki Beach our first day here. That's Diamonhead in the background - it's in most of the Oahu postcards, and we're hiking it later this afternoon.

It's disgusting, but I don't think it's alive (anymore)

There was a woman who died, and as she was looking back on her life from heaven, she saw it as a set of footprints on the beach. She noticed two sets of footprints and God was like, "THAT WAS BECAUSE I WAS WALKING WITH YOU, LIKE TO KEEP THE CABS FROM SPRAYING YOU AND STUFF." But the woman noticed that during the hardest points in her life, there was only one set of footprints. "What's up with that, God?" She asked. God looked at her thoughtfully and explained, "DUDE - I WAS HOVERING"

One of the many surf-rental places on Waikiki Beach

Coconuts are neither good to eat nor to drink, nor to toast and put on bars. A good rule of thumb - don't put coconut in your mouth.

Gretchen's friend, that looks like a tall ELF. I'll let the rest of you know if I find your taller dopplegangers in Hawaii too

TOWWAS - I don't know if you're staying on Oahu, or in Honolulu, or downtown, if you are, you are, and you are, the Wailana Coffee House is just down Ala Moana Dr from the giant Hilton complex. The coffee is fantastic, the pancakes are top-notch, and it's all rural-Nebraska cheap.

The start of the wedding pictures - this is the walk to the ceremony, which was held between the two trees on the far right edge of the picture.

The native-Hawaiian officiant, who was hilarious and often unintelligble.

Matt and Gretchen getting "lei'd" - ha! I bet no one has made that joke before, ever!

More pictures will be coming. We're headed out running, then possibly back to the Wailana Coffee House, then to the top of Diamondhead. Matt is taking everyone to a restaraunt that involves bringing your own drinks, sitting on the floor, sharing food, and eating with our hands tonight.


Mister Vertigo said...

Awesome pictures! I'm very jealous! If Matt remembers who I am, tell him congratulations for me!

towwas said...

Why, yes, I am staying in Waikiki! Thank you for the most excellent breakfast recommendation! And the reassuring pictures without rain!