The things I did before noon today

Sometimes, in lieu of a post with content, I think you should just know what I do with my time.

1) Three point five hours of spinning at the gym.
2) Got Missy to admit, after some prodding, that Sufjan Stevens is not actually "kinda boring," like she thought after hearing Chicago on my Best of 2005 CD.
3) Experienced annoyance with bookstore guy when I found out that one of my textbooks probably won't be in by the first day of class. Because they ordered it late.
4) Read the Lindsay Lohan interview in Vanity Fair. Shamefully realized that she's actually Not for the bulimia and drug use, but for not being Hilary Duff.
5) Realized I only like reading about somewhere around half of my interests - triathlon, running, and European bike racing? No, sir. Music, TV, and mountain biking? Yep, and I can't figure out why there's a distinction.
6) Saw the first pictures of Axl Rose in public since 2004. He's lost some of the baby weight, but I'm still embarrassed about his hair for him.

It's been quite the productive morning, truth be told. M.Bro's planning to look for and buy a new skirt for the Scrapbook Superstore holiday party tonight, so shopping and eating stuffed mushrooms will take up the rest of my day.

1) I haven't been in West Towne Mall for a while - how long has the giant "COMING SOON - H&M" sign been there? I'm very excited for this, conditional on there being a menswear section. The first time I went, with Spice and ELF in Chicago, I thought their clothes were too hip for me. I've shopped at the one near Ikea in Schaumburg a few times since, though, and their clothes are getting less hip or something.
2) Scored a pair of Badger basketball tickets and a parking pass in the random gift exchange - far and away the best non-scrapbooking gift.


Mister Vertigo said...

Speaking of Axl Rose, I found this today.

elf said...

Apparently the H&M sign has been there for a while because Inbal and Amnon thought it would be open by now, but yes, very exciting!

grrrbear said...

I'm not a very big H&M fan. The GF took me a few times, but in general I find their clothes don't fit very well. I think it's because I'm not on Heroin.

OleNelson said...

I don't understand "spinning." Why do they call it spinning? Is it really something one does for 3.5 hours? Were you at least watching TV while doing so? Is that how L-Lohan and A-Rose lost all the weight? Is Sufjan Stevens the worst possible music to spin by? Do you ever get concerned that people might think you're making your own yarn or something?

Spice said...

I agree on the H&M fit issue - I tend to purchase hair accoutrements there, but nothing else. Ironically, I don't think the Swedish store sells clothes to fit my big Swedish body (a paradox that my mom pointed out when we visited the one at MOA).

The idea of spinning to Sufjan made me LOL.

towwas said...

I have a non-Swedish body, and H&M clothes don't fit me, either. Whenever I go there, I take like five things into the dressing room, and nothing fits. I've pretty much given up.

J.Po said...

One more vote for no fitt-o! The shirts fit as though my shoulder blades should be 10 times their actual size.

Sophist said...

One vote FOR H&M. Their pants all fit me perfectly, but then are 1 foot too long. Which is easily cured by some good shears and a hem-job.

Of course, I'm a Swedish as they come, so this should be no surprise to anyone.

HOW ON EARTH DID YOU SPIN FOR 3.5 HOURS??????? On a spinning bike, or a trainer? Were you watching "The Return of the King" or something that lasted 3.5 hours? Painful thought, PAINFUL!