Book Order

I need to get my textbook order to the bookstores in the next day or two, and I can't decide whether this seems excessive for an intro-level course. Listed in order that I'm committed to assigning them -
1 - Goldstein and Pevehouse - Introduction to International Relations
-$79 new / $56 used (UW Bookstore guy says there are "plenty of used copies")-
-This is the primary textbook for the course - I'm definitely assigning this one.

2 - Course reader
-$7-10 through StudentPrint
-This is a set of supplemental articles. I can either make them buy it as a reader, or just assign the readings and let the students print their own. Frankly, I don't think they'd do it on their own.

3 - Schelling - The Strategy of Conflict
-$21.95 new / $17 used ("only a few" used from the bookstore)
-This is a classic, and I plan to teach them a very Schelling-esque version of International Relations.

4 - Axelrod - The Evolution of Cooperation
-$21.50 new / $15 used ("some" used available from the bookstore)
-Another classic, although I probably wouldn't assign the entire thing. Probably 2 or 3 chapters, though, which makes me feel kind of squiggerly about copying the pages for the course reader instead of assigning the book.

Copies of everything will be available for 2-hour checkout in the reserve library, and the University has lots of copies of the Schelling and Axelrod books for check-out at various campus libraries.

So what do you think? Too much for a 100-level intro course? Drop the Axelrod book? Put a chapter or two of the Axelrod book in the reader? Assign what I want and let them figure out which ones to buy and which to read at the library?


OleNelson said...

I would just have them buy the textbook, the reader, and the Schelling. Especially if you're just using a couple of chapters out of the Axelrod.

grrrbear said...

Have them buy 5 copies of everything. And assign each student one day that they have to buy you dinner. Isn't that what student loans are for?

Spice said...

I agree with Ole.

OleNelson said...

Actually, if you make the students buy dinner for their TA's, I agree with the bear.

Burrito Eater said...

College is expensive...they'll get over it! It's your class!!!

towwas said...

I'd be pissed if you made me buy a $21.50 book for a couple of chapters. Um, especially because I probably wouldn't do the reading.