Outsourcing gone too far

It's the least-fun part of every role-playing game, but killing low-level monsters with your wooden sword or +2MP fireball spell is a critical part of your child's formative years. Where is the conservative outrage when it starts getting outsourced to low-cost Chinese laborers? Where does this end? Breaking up with your highschool girlfriend? Hire a call center in India to let her know that a college freshman is too young for a long-distance relationship. Awkward Christmas dinner with the set of grandparents that you don't like? There's probably some hungry French-Canadian that would be happy to listen to stories about farming by hand just to get some mashed potatoes. If you were reading Grrrbear's blog, he'd have eight or nine more of these. He's such a pro.


Mister Vertigo said...

The problem is people who play these games HATE these people. And I mean DETEST them.

I take a bunch of time to get a number of friends together to go fight in a dungeon, but when I get there these jerks are already there killing everything in sight and disrupting play for those of us that actually play for FUN. When you play a game with other players you learn to share. There is etiquette when it comes to things like this. They totally ignore that and disrupt everyone around. It's very annoying, and very illegal. The companies that run these games have a full staff of people whos job it is to find these people and remove them from the game.

I could go on and on about how horrible they are, but I'll spare you all...

grrrbear said...

Gosh I'm flattered...

The top 5 I could think of on short notice:
5) Exercise - They work out for two hours a day - you are emailed regular updates detailing how much weight you've "virtually" lost.
4) Fishing - Why spend all day out in a boat drinking beer and hanging with your buds when you can have some guy in Taipei do it and express ship you some sushi?
3) War - Oh...wait, the Mongolians are already doing this for us in Iraq.
2) Dating - these guys do all the hard and less-interesting stuff to weed out the bad candidates so that *you* only have to go out with smart, cool, fun people you're actually interested in (note: this might actually work for mail order brides...)
1) Butt-wiping