Our Santa, who art at the North Pole...

It's Christmas eve - the elves are giving the sleigh one last coat of turtle wax, the reindeer are carbo-loading, and Santa's down at the workshop micromanaging the Xbox 360 production line. What did you ask the big guy for this year? Here's my list -

-secret powers
-for dragons to really, finally be extinct
-for there to never ever be some male Yoko Ono that breaks up the New Pornographers
-for that guy at my gym that does Tai Chi by himself on the stretching mats to at least stop grunting
-to convince some video game programmer to start making SNES-style role playing games again, but longer and more involved instead of with better graphics
-a finished Intro to IR syllabus
-give me back my underwear

And M.Bro's list -
-can you just shave Jason's beard off while he's sleeping? Thanks.

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