The Final Countdown

Since the first copies of Taming of the Blog: Best of 2005 were handed out last night, I should probably finish off this list as soon as possible.

#2) Gorillaz - "Feel Good Inc."
Although I thought Demon Days was kind of inconsistent overall, I'm absolutely in lust with this single. There must be six or seven separate audio parts and just as many beats, but Damon Alburn (also of Blur) and his cartoon band put it together and make me want to dance like I'm a cute boy from Norway.

#1) The New Pornographers - "The Bleeding Heart Show"
Want to know how far above everything else the New Pornographers are? If I didn't think it would be boring, there are three other songs from Twin Cinema that couldv'e held their own in this list (Sing Me Spanish Techno, Three or Four, and Use It), and none of them are even in my top three New Pornographers songs (Letter From an Occupant, The Laws Have Changed, and It's Only Divine Right). The Bleeding Heart Show sounds like an acoustic ballad for the first :30 or so, then Neko case's vocals come in and make you think, "Wow - what a great duet!" Then the drums and second guitar come in at about 1:15 and make you think, "Holy shit - this is a great song!" Then at about 2:00, the majesticness of this song kicks you right in the seat of your pants, and like Hey Jude, it just keeps crescendoing until it collapses in on itself. It'll leave you quivering a little bit.


towwas said...

Hey! Feel Good Inc. is on my list, too! Have you seen the video? It's beautiful.

Spice said...

Oh, the CD counts up! Got it. I hadn't listened beyond track 1 and assumed you were really into Wolf Parade.

OleNelson said...

Good list. We obviously have a lot of overlap (Mariah Carey aside). I continue to have trouble getting THAT into the New Pornographers, but I will TRY, TRY, TRY.

Burrito Eater said...

After 1 listen I give your CD a B-. Which is better than the D i expected. I liked a few of the songs I haven't heard before and even the worst songs weren't all that bad to me. I also determined that you would love XM Channel 47. Anyways, your CD will get more play, rest assured as my work department enjoyed it to an extent and there are definitely a couple songs on there I want to aquaint myself to. Thanks for the disc! :) I am sure if I make a disc of my 2005 songs I'd be lucky to get a D!

Mister Vertigo said...

Can you hit me with a copy of this disc? Since your recommendations were good for all the BMG CDs I ordered, these may be good.