See #11-9 and #8-6 of this extended best-songs-of-2005 coundown below. Thanks to a couple late additions - songs that are unofficially 2005 releases that have now been given their proper position in the list - this is now a Top 13 list.

#10.5) The Brunettes - "Loopy, Loopy Love"
I'm adding this track on the fly because I didn't realize the album had a 2005 release date. I bought it from their merch table when they opened for The Shins in March, and it got an official release in October (although not in the US yet) (but the band just signed with Sub-Pop for US distribution). Right, the song - goofy lyrics, super-poppy music, and a male and female lead trading vocals - it's a bucket o' fun.

#5.5) Jupiter One - Countdown
This is such a new song that it hasn't been recorded on an album yet - but you can download the mp3 straight from the band. Listen to it and try to hold your head still. I knew you couldn't do it.

#5) The White Stripes - "Blue Orchid"
On an album otherwise driven mostly by piano and marimba, this track rocks harder than anything the White Stripes have done since Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground - a throwback to the blues-rock of de Stijl.

#4) Death Cab for Cutie - "Soul Meets Body"
Will putting an emo-esque song that got regular play on Z104 in my Top 13 list convince Spice that I'm not just a music contrarian? Probably not. Soul Meets Body is gorgeous and soaring, though, and sometimes I stop what I'm doing to listen to it.

#3) Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx - "Gold Digger"
On the whole, I didn't this this album was as strong as College Dropout, but Gold Digger is my favorite track on either CD. OleNelson gave it the #1 slot, and although I don't agree with the placement, his justification is spot-on.

What will claim my #1 spot? What did it edge out for top honors? It was a tough decision, but in the end, the strength of the rest of #1's album pushed it ahead. Stay tuned to find out! It's not Mariah Carey.

Hey kids - do you want a mostly-illegal Taming of the Blog Best of 2005 CD of your very own? I'm happy to spread the audio joy - just let me know (and, if I don't see you regularly, how to get it to you).


Spice said...

I would be happy to accept such a CD.

Ironically, "Soul Meets Body" (the big radio-play track as J.Bro notes) is not my favorite on that CD. Or in my top two.

Actually, that's a swell idea - each of us making a best-of and swapping around. If non-Madisonians want in, I can coordinate mailing. And if we forge forward, can we only put on tracks released in 2005 or any song that we really got into during this year?

towwas said...

Ooh! I like this idea! Spice, will you coordinate? Because reading J.Bro's list just makes me feel depressed for not being as hip as he is. Listening to his CD could make me just the tiniest bit hipper...I hope...

towwas said...

I was so inspired, I just made my favorites-o-2005 playlist in iTunes. I say any song we were obsessed with this year, no matter when it came out.