8) Sufjan Stevens - "Chicago"
Olenelson put Sufjan Stevens at #2 on his list, and while I agree that he belongs in the year-end countdown, I'm not willing to give him quite that high of ranking. The use of a brass section and children's choir does make "Chicago" pretty timeless, though.

7) The King of France - Mexico
A great new band that I discovered on 3hive, then the lead singer of Nada Surf stole my thunder by recommending them in a Spin interview. You can download "Mexico" for free - also, Mexico.

6) The Decemberists - 16 Military Wives
A great anti-war ditty by a wimpy band of pirates or something. 32 softly-focused, but brightly-colored eyes.


OleNelson said...

My #6-10 will be out later today. And I also choose a Decemberist track. But a DIFFERENT Decemberist track (oh, the suspense).

Burrito Eater said...

J.Bro, I must listen to a bunch of music that you don't and vice versa...any chance of a J.Bro greatest hits CD, 2005 being available? I'd burn it myself if you made an original! :) I like impending riots and Chicago and Mexico and some military wives.