Type "puzzle" eight times and tell me it's not a stupid-looking word

I can't say I entirely understand how it works, but I want to put together a PuzzleBoat team.
The Puzzle Boat is an online puzzle extravaganza, similar to the MIT Mystery Hunt or Microsoft Puzzle Hunts. It can be solved entirely online.

Puzzles (red links on the map) are in PDF format (with one exception). Puzzle types include cryptograms, crosswords, and visual puzzles. Some puzzles are traditional, others are unconventional, others defy categorization. The use of outside references are acceptable, and absolutely necessary in some cases.

As you solve puzzles, new puzzles will become available. Some puzzles require solutions to other puzzles. Solving these meta-puzzles will give you the names of several individuals on the island. Finding all of these individuals will allow you to complete the extravaganza.

You can solve the Puzzle Boat with others. To register a team, click Register above and enter a team name, password, and team members. Others on your team can use this name and password to access puzzles, and see how far the team has progressed. You can also solve on your own, but it's not as much fun...for most.

You Carleton nerds love this kinda crap, right? Post a comment, join the team, and I'll register us early next week.


Sophist said...

puzzle puzzle puzzle puzzle puzzle puzzle puzzle puzzle

You're right, it looks stupid! Say it aloud, and it sounds like fun.
Another word that gets me is "earth."

earth earth earth earth earth earth earth earth

towwas said...

Um, HELL yeah I love that crap.

Spice said...

Yes, me too! It's somewhat reminicent of Late Night Trivia...without the Ole Roll.

towwas said...

Awwww...late-night trivia. I miss late-night trivia.

Burrito Eater said...
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Burrito Eater said...

J.Bro- Jess and I would both participate. We both play an hour or so daily anyways! :) Sorry for the crappy spelling on my last post, sometimes I am stoopid!