That'll be a dime, but you'll get change

Since early September, M.Bro has been trying to get her store to increase its per-transaction average. The owner agreed to give all the employees a bonus if they can increase it by $3.00 per sale by next Monday, and they're very, very close. Obnoxiously, though, she found out at the meeting last night that one of the employees has been regularly making color photocopies for herself and paying for them one at a time. One day last week, for example, she rang up six nine-cent sales for herself. Even more obnoxiously, when M.Bro asked her about it exasperatedly at the store meeting last night, her response was, "It's just a few little sales - I don't see why it matters!"

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Burrito Eater said...

Color photocopies for 9 cents? Awesome! I know M.Bro has some power...she should make other people ring up employee sales, not the purcahsing person. Oh the good times of working in retail... Should I go in there and buy like $200 worth of crap, let them get their bonus, and then return it?