Some perspective

"Mars or Bust!", my hinder - the scale of our solar system makes that like me saying "Walk Across the Street to Pedro's or Bust!" or "Roll My Office Chair Back From the Computer or Bust!" Check out this scale representation (where 1 pixel = 1000 km - scroll up for the links to the planets, or you'll never find them), or these pictures, or this from Carl Sagan -
If our Sun is on home plate at Shea Stadium in New York City -
Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are all between home plate and the pitcher's mound,
Jupiter is on second base,
Saturn is in the outfield,
Uranus is on the outfield wall,
Neptune is in the bleachers,
Pluto is in the parking lot,
Alpha Centauri, the closest star to our sun, is in San Francisco.

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towwas said...

Don't you think it's more like an ant saying, "Roll Your Office Chair Back From the Computer or Bust!" ? Because that would be kind of impressive, in an anty way, yet at the same time totally pointless.