Poor, homeless L.C.

Remember the wildly incompetent and unqualified lecturer that I TAd for last semester? Two semesters ago, he lectured the course that I'm lecturing now, and I've secretly wondered whether we both applied for this semester. Thanks to a fortuitous run-in at Target this morning, I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, that he didn't know that I got the job, and that he's less than happy about it. It went a little like this -

L.C. - "Well, hello there, Mr. .bro - how is your semester going?"

Me - "Pretty well - I'm lecturing International Law and still plugging away at my dissertation. How about you?"

L.C. - (Eyes get squinty and forehead gets wrinkly) "International Law, huh? I'm, uh, just finishing up my book on the war in Afghanistan."

Me - "Hmh - interesting. Well, I should get going - got a lot of work to do, re-teaching the students you ruined!"

The last part may have just been in my head.

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