Mr. Awkward

Remember when you were in college and you saw your teachers getting gas or buying groceries or out jogging? If you're from Carleton and helped your male teachers match their skirts and blouses before coed noncompetitive ultimate frisbee, just stop reading. I was the teacher in the awkwardness for the first time tonight. M.Bro and I were using the buy-one-entree-get-one-free coupon that Pizzaria Uno mailed to us and I was pretty sure one of my students was sitting at the next table. "I'm pretty sure one of my students is sitting at the next table," I said. When she and her friend left 20 minutes later, I was right - she saw me back (or pretended she hadn't already noticed us) and said, "oh, uh, hey!" to which I responded in my best teacher tone (to impress M.Bro), "Emily - how are you?" She was fine, thanks.

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Spice said...

I think my story from Thursday night wins. I was leaving the movie theater - after seeing "North Country" (good, but could have used some editing), when I saw one of my students entering the theater for...a midnight showing of Harry Potter. We have each other that "Oh!" look and then said hi. Afterwards I said, "I think that was a lot more embarrassing for him than it was for me..."