Did you miss out on DangerMouse's Grey Album? Want to get in on the ground floor of the next big mash-up? Dean Gray just got a cease-and-desist order to pull American Edit -

Hello, I'm Dean Gray.

Unfortunately due to a cease and desist order from this hip chick at Warners, the American Edit album has left the building.
Many thanks to all and to all a goodnight.

Say hi to your Mom from me.

I was Dean Gray.

-but you can still stick it to the man ("But, sir, you are the man!")
At 12:01AM on Dean Gray Tuesday, this page will be replaced by a list of sites that will be providing the American Edit album for download in protest to its banning, reportedly by Warner records. In order to prevent server overloads, this page will randomly display only a sub-set of the full list of sites participating in "Dean Gray Tuesday". Each visitor will be shown a different sub-set list of possible sources. By following the links, they will visit the participating site and be able to download American Edit. On 11:50PM that night, this page will cease to function as a "portal" to American Edit sources.

You can download a ~150mb zip file here. Boulevard of Broken Songs is my favorite.

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Burrito Eater said...

OK I am down and will be downloading on that special day. But if you could...for your loyal readers post a blog reminder and if you could send me an e-mail reminder that would be awesome...unless of course you wanted to burn me a copy!