'sup Clyde!

From a thread entitled "I am so sick of misinformation about the TAA [the teaching assistants' union at UW-Madison]" on the Madiscon.com forums. It's five pages long, and excerpts were on the front page of the State Journal this morning (i.e. it's gonna get longer). I understand how people are upset about the issue of health care when they know only the most basic information about it - i.e. that the TAs don't want to pay $9/mo to contribute to their health care plan. Those lazy, whiny little ingrates! Honestly, I try to avoid discussing the issue because I know it makes us come across looking a little silly. But I had to take a step back from Clyde's rant - does someone have some employment-related bitterness? My mom says you're mean because you're jealous, Clyde!
TA's should get no pay, no tuition reimbursements, and for crying out loud no health care benefits. All they should receive for their work is a one-time number of degree credits that would go toward graduation. And that is provided their work during their time as a TA was acceptable.

As a university student I would have killed to get free tuition and free health care back then. Who wouldn't?

To the TA's -- if your "working conditions" are so bad, then don't do it. No one is requiring you to be a TA. No one.

Only in the realm of public employment/education does this happen. God forbid that TA's ever go into the real world outside the public safety net and have to depend on doing some real work and make a living.

For once you would think that these whiny little ingrates would actually say "thank you" to the taxpayers that foot their bills. Instead all they do is demand more more more.

They are yet another gross example of the system taking care of a group of undeserving ingrates. Not to mention why are taxes are so damn high.

We should not be in the business of supporting professional students which is what these TA's are. They already get subsidized tution. How it ever got the way it did should be re-examined, changed, and, never allowed to get to this degree of absurdity ever again.

UTA: ...and more from Clyde further down the thread!
I'll give them this, the TA's constant carping and whining is right in line with the rest of the government employees and public school teachers out there that line up at the public trough and suck it dry and just keep asking for more. So I guess in that respect the TA's "training" does prepare them for their real world.

Heaven forbid they ever take it upon themselves and go outside their welfare system and be independent. That would take some real initiative and an independent thought process though. I guess they don't teach that at TA school. Too bad too - we really could make do with fewer sheep. They make such a mess.


grrrbear said...

Yeah. The reason taxes are so high? It's because we're paying the TA's so darn much...

...yup. Sure is...

...I mean it's so obvious. What else could Wisconsin possibly be spending money on?

Burrito Eater said...

I am guessing this guy is mad because he thinks he is a creative writer but couldn't get a TA position due to his poor grammar. The funniest part is that if they went according to his plan the best students wouldn't come anywhere near Wisconsin and thus the UW wouldn't rate nearly as high. Or they would have to hire full time teachers to do the work of TAs and the tax implications would actually increase. I think the UW is doing a great job, if only they could land a quality quarterback recruit...