MemoryTrends Update

From steamy, seedy Las Vegas, M.Bro reports that the trade show is "underwhelming" - nothing buzz-worthy to report in terms of new products. She did spend a while with the folks at the EK Success booth (since she's sort of an employee of theirs now) and found out a little more about how they picked the design team and about her upcoming trip to their headquarters in NJ. Apparently it was a completely blind choice based entirely on submissions, and not at all on the fact that Missy works for one of EK's largest accounts in the midwest (which she told me last night she had secretly feared). They also strongly encouraged Missy to think about designing a product line and hinted that they're going to ask her to teach some classes at the December trade show in Orlando (which is sponsored by EK - it's the "EKstravaganza"). She was just headed out to dinner and then to a piano bar with the VP, sales manager, some other executive-y person, and a couple other people on the design team when she called me. I wonder if I can finish my dissertation in New Jersey?


Spice said...

Dude, an M.Bro product line - wow!!! Someday a woman will send her an e-mail telling her that she wouldn't have gotten into scrapbooking without the inspiration provided by the M.Bro-designed displays and M.Bro-branded scrapbooking tools and accessories! She'll be like a scrapbooking Martha Stewart! Only nice.

towwas said...

Wow, that's great! I take back what I said about scrapbooking. Ok, no, I don't, but that's still great.