I'm crushed! Just like the bass player's appendix!

The Barrymore Theater sent me this e-mail 3 minutes ago:
I am very sorry to report but after last nights show in Chicago for the New Pornographers, John Collins, the bass player, suffered from an appendix attack. He ended up having to have it taken out and the band will be canceling their last two shows in Madison tonight and Minneapolis tomorrow.

The band has been racking their brain to figure out a way that they can play without him but they have exhausted all possibilities.

This is a postponement. The date will be replayed as soon as possible. Ticket holders should hold on to their tickets. Tickets are not being refunded until a rescheduled date has been announced, which should be either today or tomorrow. Please check in at our website for more information over the next few days, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

I'm torn between being disappointed and feeling guilty for being disappointed when the postponement seems to be for a valid, serious medical reason. I wonder how rescheduling a concert works - will they try to squeeze us in between Boise and Helena? Or would that be inefficient? Would it be more efficient to tag these two shows onto the end of the tour? When they play the rescheduled show, should they be expecting more out of the fans, since we're so appreciative they didn't just cancel it? Or should we be expecting more out of the band, as an apology for the delay? Or, if it's both, will this concert exceed the rockingness of the Shins/Brunettes show in Milwaukee this spring? Is that even possible? My head is spinning.

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Mister Vertigo said...

Usually what happens is they tag the missed shows to the end of the tour. At least that is what I have seen other bands do in the past.

Usually, you can expect a lot more out of the band because they feel bad that they had to postpone in the first place.

I went to a concert once that was delayed almost two hours. When the band did finally come out, it was a very short set. It turns out the singer was not feeling well at all, but he didn't want to cancel the show. They ended up coming back to town again a few months later to play again at the same place, this time a full set. I don't remember if I had to pay for the second show or not though.