I didn't realize there'd be crying

It was disappointing to miss Illegal Music Swap '05 and the movie last night, but the wedding was really pretty great - even better than that. The ceremony was on top of the ski hill at Tyrol Basin - it was a hair over 50 last night and ride up the chairlift was frigid, but we're hardcore and their photos will absolutely be worth an hour of shivering. Going stag to the reception - not so much fun. Human pyramid rather than clinking glasses to make Stephen & Emily kiss - a blast.

I don't think I'm a good enough writer to put you there, so hopefully BurritoEater will step up with some photos. Double-fingers-crossed that Jess got pictures of our pyramid and Hava Nagila.

Congratulations to the Ballsdonkies!

UTA: Here are a couple pictures from BurritoEater's post - I'm still hoping to get the link to his entire Kodak gallery.

Stephen (left) and Emily (right)

Some gymnastic action to get the kissin' started, featuring BurritoEater as the lower right keystone and me as the lower left. We held it together for a solid four seconds, until Cowboy Mike up there knocked us down.


towwas said...

I would like to notify everyone that I HATE HATE HATE that glass-clinking thing. Just so you know, in case I ever get married.

I was at a wedding last year where my table called the bride & groom on their cellphones to get them to kiss, though. That was pretty funny.

OleNelson said...

I suggest that the highly successful "Illegal Music Swap '05" be renamed the "Sorta Illegal But Arguably Moral Bimonthly Music Swap."

Brent the Tank said...

We held that pyramid longer than four seconds. Ply looks drunk up there, Oh wait what else is new.
Good times though.