God hates Camel Toads too

This photo is from yesterday at Southern Illinois University, but Fred Phelps and the God Hates Fags gang make pretty regular stops on Library Mall here too. I like to get lunch from one of the carts, find a bench, and watch the counter-protestors agitate.

Let me try to help you make sense of the logic:
1) God hates fags.
2) Fags live in America.
3) Some non-fag Americans (perhaps you!) don't hate fags, so God hates YOU!
4) The U.S. government doesn't:
a) kill the fags
b) hold citizens responsible for not doing what the government should but won't do (see a)

5) God hates America, by the transitive property
6) Soldiers defend the U.S., and therefore this system of fag-not-killing
7) What? Are you gonna pray for America now, you sissy? Those fag-tolerators are WAY past forgiveness!
8) Ham sandwiches and Hi-C in the bus after the protest - let Marcy know if you're not coming!

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