Celebrate them. They're celebrate-ies.

I can't even make my brain do the thinkeymaking anymore. Hollywood - over. Nick&Jessica - divorced. No - they're not. Scientology spawn.

In less-weird news, M.Bro is turning into a little runner. After a summer of training for Max-o-Mania that was mostly me dragging her out the door, she's been self-motivatedly running for almost three weeks now. And, from what she says, going further and faster and happier than when we were training. Could it be that she just doesn't like the pressure of some terrible event hanging over her. Yes, it could indeed be. When I got home today - a note on the table - "4:00 - out running - back around 5:30" and a new file saved on the desktop called "Half-marathon plan".


Burrito Eater said...

Half Marathon plan? Are there plans for such a thing? I would like a copy of that as I'd like to be able to run one of those myself!

grrrbear said...

Let me know if they come up with a 1/50th marathon plan.

(sigh), another person joining the ranks of the "in better shape than me" club. I guess I'd better get back to the gym before all of humanity can kick my tushie.

Spice said...

Worry not, Grrrbear. I have basically dropped all physical activities save for running around while teaching. So, while I may be losing pounds due to stress, I'm almost certainly not in as good of shape as you!

And to M.Bro - good for you! Good! For! You! (And, in all seriousness, rock on!)

towwas said...

I have no exercise plan. I do not exercise. I do not go to the gym. I sit. On my ass. Does that help anyone?