Brown, Black, Polar, Whatever

If this guy turns out to be right about FOX cancelling Arrested Development mid-season, I'm turning this into a blog about bears. The Bear Blog. In protest. Eat my furry bears, FOX.


Spice said...

I will cry if they cancel AD. Seriously. I hope if Fox drops it, a cable network picks it up.

grrrbear said...

Comedy Central would do well to snap that up. They need something now that Chapelle's gone and Mencia aint' cutting it.

Of course, they probably won't run a sitcome, which leaves Bravo as a possibility.

Mmmm...a bear blog could be fun, what would post #1 be about?

Burrito Eater said...

I keep trying to care but I keep failing. Never "got" this show. Of course if they do replace it I am sure it will be a show with a bunch of kids working in a mall hotdog food court shop...Oh wait...too late!

Why do we have to subscribe to channels for all the good shows now? I watch 3 shows on Network TV and two on subscriber channels.

Spice said...

I thought last night's ep reached new heights of surreality. The ever-changing party, every scene with Buster, the return of Franklin, etc.