New game!

Welcome to a new game I've invented (if, by invented, I mean posted for the first time on my blog. which I do) called guess-the-actress-that-looks-worse-in-a-bikini-than-you-might-have-guessed! If needed, hints will follow. Other than internet respect, there are no prizes.




Like pulling teeth

Me: "What bike do you have?"

Guy: "'s a 21-speed."

Me: "........"

HIPPIES stop pestering me for cartoons

Staring at me - right in the face

There's a chocolate chip cookie on my desk. In a test of willpower, I'm not eating it until 2:30. That's 66 minutes from now.

UPDATE: 17 minutes from now. Still holding out.

UPDATE: It's delicious. If I nibble at it between helping internet people ("I found a bike in the garbage what is is worth will you buy it from me!"), I think I can make the deliciousness last up to 40 minutes or more.

UPDATE: 3:54 and the cookie has been consumed entirely. Between thinking about eating it and eating it, that baked good took up most of my afternoon.

Small portions

I only have a handful of really good TfDs left, so I'm going to ration them out - one or two a day for the next week or so. Here's your wednesday fix -

Bring some of your friends and I'll give you another hit

I have insomnia

Is insomnia where you fall asleep before you manage to get under the covers? That's what I have.

I'm your favorite blogger, this is your favorite blog

In lieu of posting something original, please enjoy more crudely drawn and only-funny-to-like-three-people cartoons -

Butt-first, always butt-first

If I always eat muffins from the butt-end to the yummy-end, then does it make sense to say that I'm eating them upside-down? Isn't the top of the muffin whichever side is facing the ceiling? If, for me, that's the butt, then that's the top of the muffin. Why should I conform to your notion of what constitutes a right-side-up muffin?


If these posts were a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, this post would be "Another Serving of TfD"

I belive Spice can play this game by hiding in the bushes near the crazy-person's house (the one that shall be MINE!) by the bus stop -

More TfD

Egad - the new photo button is uber-convenient!


I'm stifling laughter at my desk -

Who knew?!?

Writing a syllabus is fun on a relative and on an absolute scale!

Go west, young man

Thanks to a call from our new landlord, we're moving into our new west-side apartment a week earlier than we had planned. We had packed quite a bit already, so yesterday and today have been long, long days of carrying, loading on the east side, carrying, and unloading on the west side. We're fortunate to have a full-size van from M.Bro's boss, which can fit nearly three times the amount of stuff that our vehicle can. M.Bro has a long meeting this afternoon, so I'm taking some time off from moving to write my syllabus - Spice and AFR have demanded a first draft by Tuesday!

I took some photos while we were moving, and if you live in Madison, you'll probably be invited to a house-warming grill-out relatively soon - until then, please enjoy this list -

Things I like about the new apartment -
1) It takes 4 minutes to drive to M.Bro's job, 11 to bike, and 25 to walk. I have a fixed gear that I never ride - she'll be painting it brown with pink polka-dots, putting a white basket on the front, and making it her commuter bike.

2) A garage - in the last 10 years, I've never lived somewhere that I didn't have to carry groceries through the rain and snow (when it was raining or snowing). The garage (or "carhold" as I plan to call it, pretentiously) is also deep enough that we can store various bikes and other things-previously-in-the-basement in front of the car. I bought a cable to string between the car area and the storage area, and we're going to separate them with a couple shower curtains.

3) The placement of the TV says "Sure, we watch television, but it's not the central purpose of our living room"

4) We're about 30 feet from the 105.5 Triple-m office, giving us some hipster cred (although, not much, really).

5) The windows, of which there are seven, are almost floor-to-ceiling - plus we have a sliding glass door that goes to a cement patio. For those who've drank outside with us before, it's not quite as big as our last patio, but a lot more private.

6) We still have a washer & dryer, pass-through window in the kitchen, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and, although we don't have a pantry anymore, there's enough storage in the kitchen and adjoing w/d room to make up for it.

Things I'm less than excited about:
1) There's no ideal place for the litter box - we had a basement in the last place, but we'll have to use a small closet office here.

2) Towel storage is minimal - we'll probably have to get rid of about half of ours and just wash the rest more often.

3) It's going to take me a couple weeks to feel safe with my bikes in the garage. It's locked from both ends, but I don't like having them where I can't see them.

Race photos

If you're interested in that sorta thing (read: if you're my parents or my grandparents), new photos from my last three races are up on my training blog.

Toothpaste for Dinner

Regular Slate readers will have already seen this, but I feel it's my responsibility to expose the rest of you to one of the most satisfying comic strips IN THE WOOOORLD. Slate has a good explanation for why I didn't call it the funniest comic strip IN THE WOOOORLD -

It plays to the whole chuckle-spectrum: giggles, chortles, smirks. It can be hilarious one frame and banal the next, so you have to adjust your expectations with every click, and unlike more user-friendly newspaper comics it often buries or garbles its comedic signals. Because of this, it could never compete for mass appeal with a juggernaut like the Far Side, which (despite its amateur look) was machinelike in its production of precisely engineered jokes.

Even its inconsistency makes it more clickable; it's an old chestnut of behaviorism that the best way to cause an addiction is not through consistent payoff but through what psychologists call a "variable ratio schedule"—a powerful reward (food pellet, good joke) unpredictably dispensed. This is why slot machines are like crack and why we spend all day checking our e-mail. The Far Side gives you a refrigerator-worthy joke almost every time, and soon you stop reading, totally satisfied; Toothpaste for Dinner gives you a perfect moment on the eighth click, then the second, then the 12th. It's a slot machine of comedy: If you laugh once, you have to keep clicking until you win again.

Doctor update

Ugh. Apparently my lower calf pain is actually a case of Achilles Tendonitis. My doctor, a runner who had this injury herself four years ago, advised two weeks completely off (!!), then easing back into cycling and swimming for a few weeks (!!), then trying to run again (!!). She gave me a referral to see the UW Sports Medicine people, though, so I was hoping to get a happier prognosis from them - unfortunately, they can't get me in until July 18th (!!!) unless I think I need to see the triage doctor. Dan, the kinesiology grad student who sits next to me at BikeCo, is pretty sure she's being conservative - he doesn't think I should stop cycling or swimming, but he's pretty sure a week or two of no running is in order.

I did a quick search on Slowtwitch to see whether the issue had come up - indeed, it had, and not with answers that make me happy.
I cannot stress this enough: There is no way to cheat this injury. If you try to train through this, you could be laid up for months.. and battle a chronic injury for years. Last year - I could not sit my ass down.

If you choose to train while having achilles tendonitis, and you may be setting yourself up for bitter disappointment by choosing to do so, that means that you should ice it after every workout. But, heat and electrostimulation, and possibly ultrasound therapy, are what allows the thing the heal more swiftly. I'm was leaving out the really most effective treatment here, because you might not want to hear it...but, that treatment is REST.

I got one last year, like in February. I tried to train through it without luck. I then reduced the biking and riding, but still I could not get ride of it until I totally stopped biking and running for a full month. Swimming did not appear ro interfere with it.

oh, that's a major pain...I had that in 99-00...trained and raced with it and each time lead to really excruciating pain on the run to DNF...
woke up during 1yr limping for the first 1h until it warmed up...and eventually stopped when it was partially torn...

It looks like I'm done with the Fleet Feet track program for good, and the WORS trails runs at least until late summer. Right now my priority is to heal in enough time to re-build some semblance of speed before max-o-mania in late July. Since I can't see the PT until the Monday before we leave, though, I'm really on my own for how to do that. Suggestions?


For no reason that I can explain, I'm nervous about my doctor's appointment today - I've been obsessing about it all morning. I haven't seen a non-dentist doctor since September 2001, so that may be part of it.


Blockbuster's call about the DVD being 8 days late prompted M.Bro and I to watch Closer last night - lest we have to return it without seeing it. It's certainly a different side of Queen Amidala - although it does nothing to disabuse me of the opinion that Natalie Portman is a terrible actress. The movie, though, was excellent - an interesting take on honesty so brutal that the characters disrupt their lives to get it. As M.Bro pointed out, it's a pretty unique view of honesty - very distinct from faithfulness, and only given when pressed.

It made me wonder - are faithfulness and honesty in a relationship mutually detrimental? Isn't there some self-delusion and deception in every long-term relationship? Little lies, particularly lies of omission, are like the grease that makes living together possible, right?

On that note, I think "You've ruined my life" is one of the most honestly romantic lines I've heard. In the right context, of course.

A lunch-break question

To extend a previous discussion - should muenster cheese have a place on sandwiches?

AFI Top 100 Movie Quotes

Here's the list.

NONE from Pulp Fiction?!?

No, "A Royale with cheese. What do they call a Big Mac?"?

No, "I'm gonna get medieval on your ass"?

No, "Say what again. SAY WHAT AGAIN. I dare you, I double dare you, motherfucker. Say what one more goddamn time"?

No, "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I break your concentration?"?

No, "Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead"?

No, "Hey, sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I'd never know 'cause I wouldn't eat the filthy motherfucker. Pigs sleep and root in shit. That's a filthy animal. I ain't eat nothin' that ain't got enough sense enough to disregard its own feces"

And, most of all, no:
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

And no recognition for "Luke - I am your father"? (note: not a quote from Pulp Fiction) That's a shame. (note: that it wasn't in the AFI list, not that it wasn't in Pulp Fiction).

I was happy to see "Gentlemen! You can't fight in here - this is the War Room!" from Dr. Strangelove - good choice, great film.

UPDATE: I've been thinking about this more, and I realized there are some really memorable (or at least repeatable) quotes left off the list, including -
-"You can't handle the truth!"
-"Do you feel lucky? ya, punk?"
-"Ah'll be bahck"

Also, were there any comedies on that list? AFI wants to tell me that nothing from Monty Python ("help, help - I'm being repressed!"), or Office Space, or Airplane, or Spinal Tap made the top-100 quote list? I don't buy it, fogeys.

UPDATE 2: Airplane is on the list, at #79 - "....and don't call me Shirley"

Now, bring me the finest milking-cow in the land to wash it down!

Less than an hour ago, I had what I'm positive was the best peanut butter & jelly sandwich ever assembled. Its excellence was due to a convergence of factors - a fresh loaf of cottage white bread (is there anything better than that? It's like eating a cloud! Or a pillow!), an almost-new jar of natural peanut butter with honey, and a black cherry jelly. "Good" isn't good enough to describe it - it was...scrumptasticalicious.

WORS Big Ring Classic update

I'm a little less disappointed after seeing the final results on the WORS site this morning - rather than 8th/8 in my age group and 66th/68 overall, it turns out I was 8th/12 and 66th/152. That's more respectable. Apparently the sheet I was looking at on Sunday was a preliminary print-out - before everyone from the citizen race was in.

I've also posted links to some photos taken by EPU - they're tagged, though, so I can't post the photos themselves.

A week late

I wrote my Tinman race report last Sunday night, but forgot to post it somewhere that anyone other than I can read. M.Bro has certified it as "funny, in a sad sort of way."


I think I made the big JC (note: not Jesus) angry, due to some confusion over who was buying some number of extra Brewers tickets, and from whom. ELF can attest to the confusion. An e-mail that starts with the line, "It's not that confusing, people" is never a happy e-mail.


OK - it's time to face the music, admit that my pulled/torn/sprained/dislocated/whatever calf muscle isn't going to get better on it's own, and go to the doctor. To see a sports rehab person, I have to get a referral from my primary-care physician - this should be an adventure. GHC, my HMO, is odd about things like this - there are certain specialty physicians that you can see without a referral (chiropracters, for instance), but others that are either so busy, or so valuable, that you have to beg your doctor repeatedly for the chance to talk to.

When I made the appointment a few minutes ago, the receptionist asked me what it was for - I explained the problem, and at the end of the call, she repeated my appointment - "OK - so 1:00 on Thursday for a sore leg then?" Ack - if that's the way my doctor gets the message, then she's going to try to send me home with a bag of ice and some aspirin. I've done that - I want to see someone who can tell me why I can't run hard without a week of limping, sore to the touch pain!

WORS - stop #2

My race report from yesterday's suffer-fest is up. While everyone else from the Kabin Krew was eating piles of scrambled eggs, I was running over eight year-olds with my mountain bike.

Lake Wisco

I'm blogging from the Fran-Fow's cabin on Lake Wisconsin. M.Bro, Kev, and I just won the ingaugural canoe-race-to-the-island-and-back, and now we're going to play something called no limit texas hold them. It's a card game I think.

Lance Schmance

Happy 60th to Eddy Merckx, the finest cyclist ever to grace the roads of Europe.

From a new biography on Velonews
Some come just to look, to stand on the fringes, slack-jawed, gulping, Adam's apples bobbing. They come and they stare at the phenomenon as they would stare at any wonder of the world - the hanging gardens of Babylon, the Pyramids, the Elvis, the Eddy Merckx. In my lifetime, they can say later, in my lifetime I saw - I met - Eddy Merckx.

They are there, first of all, for the victories. Five Tours de France. Five Giri d'Italia. Three world pro road championships. (In 1974, the year he entered only 140 races - hah! - and won only 38 of them for a 27-percent winning average, he took the hat-trick and won all three of these majors.) Seven Milan-San Remos. Two Tours of Flanders. Three Paris-Roubaix. Five Liège-Bastogne-Lièges. Two Amstel Gold Races. The hour record, in 1972 - a year in which he also won the Tour and the Giro, along with five major classics and 43 other races. His trophy shelf groans with iron from three Ghent-Wevelgems, three Flèche Wallonnes, three Paris-Nices, three Baracchi Trophies, six Montjuich Hill Climbs. Among others.

His strength and endurance are legendary, but Merckx had no weaknesses as a sprinter, climber or time trialist, either. He holds the record for the most days in the Giro leader's pink jersey, at 78, and the Tour's yellow jersey, at 96. He's the only rider to have won the Tour-Giro double three times. He won six Giro time trials. He won the Tour both overall and on points - the yellow jersey and the green jersey - three times, in 1969, '71 and '72. He holds the record for most stage wins in a single Tour, eight, and he did that twice, in '70 and '74 (and he won six stages in '69 and again in '72). Just to round out the collection, Merckx also won the King of the Mountains polka-dot jersey in '69 and '70.

He did all this in epic battles against great riders, some of whom rank among the greatest athletes the sport has produced. Against Jacques Anquetil, against Felice Gimondi, against Luis Ocaña, Raymond Poulidor, Bernard Thévenet, Rik Van Looy, Joop Zoetemelk, Merckx battled and won - not just won, but decimated them, broke their will, crushed them totally and left them pedaling feebly in the thin vapor of his trail.

"In those days, the big names didn't ride to win," says Zoetemelk. "First there was Merckx, and then another classification began behind him."

Woodland Park on the warpath

This happened in the trail system I run in - what's the probability of a tree falling directly onto a passing car?
MONONA - Severe root rot and a carpenter ant infestation that sent a 100-year-old Woodland Park honey locust fatally crashing down on a Monona Drive motorist would have been hard to detect even on close inspection, a new report says.

June 16th - a day with many faces

Happy Bloomsday! And happy birthday to M.Bro! And happy first Father's Day, celebrated in Spokane, WA in 1910!

A model employee

I just met the girl that's on the cover of the '05 GT catalog. Well, "met" in the sense that I helped her use the copy machine, and was told later who she was.

Tourism in Chernobyl

This is absolutely fascinating, and I'd love to go. Since I was little my favorite books and movies were of the post-apocalyptic variety - I suppose this is about as close as you get on pre-apocalyptic earth. If you want to see more pictures, go here.
On the day of their tour, the most haunting destination came last: Pripyat, a city left behind. "Heralded as the world's youngest city when it opened its doors in the mid-1970's," Ms. Mycio writes, "Pripyat also turned out to be its shortest lived."

The city was encased on this day in a silence broken by breezes sighing through rustling trees. A heavier hush resided in buildings, where drops of water plopped loudly into puddles, and glass squeaked as it broke underfoot. Built on marshes, the place smelled of peat.

At the amusement park, near idled bumper cars, Mr. Tatarchuk's monitor registered 144 microroentgens an hour. He moved four feet away, to a mat of damp green moss. It read 823. "Stay off the moss," he said.

Chicken Tandoori here I come!

Everyone saw this, right? I'd heard of this famous Trader Joe's before going to Ann Arbor last summer, but I didn't really understand the fuss. Now, I completely understand. Build faster!


There's been an ongoing discussion at the forums about cycling around Madison - the opinions of some drivers terrify me. In a recent editorial (titled "Road Kill") in Madison Magazine, for example, John Roach said he understands that cyclists have the right to use the roads, but sometimes he'd like to just give them a "little tap" with his bumper to remind them that when bikes and cars clash, cars always win. Jackass.

It's nice to see justice once in a while though. Sentencing in this case is today, so I'm hoping to post an update later.

Update: 5 years probation, 2 years community service. No, I don't know exactly what 2 years of community service means either.

A Southern Methodist University law professor was convicted of aggravated assault Monday after jurors in her trial agreed that she used her car as a deadly weapon and intentionally struck a bicyclist riding at White Rock Lake last May.

Jane Dolkart bowed her head and sobbed after the verdict was read, and bailiffs began taking her fingerprints. She was allowed to post a $2,500 bond until the jury decides her punishment today.

The tenured labor and employment law professor faces probation to 20 years in prison for the second-degree felony charge.

Witnesses said Ms. Dolkart was visibly upset and honking the horn of her Volkswagen Passat as she followed cyclist Tommy Thomas and a friend along West Lawther Drive near Mockingbird Lane in Lakewood.

Mr. Thomas testified that he feared for his life when Ms. Dolkart's car struck the rear of his bicycle and dragged him under the car several feet. He suffered bruises and abrasions to his left forearm and a sore shoulder.

A police officer who investigated the incident testified that Ms. Dolkart acknowledged "tapping" Mr. Thomas' bicycle because he was blocking her way as she drove to meet friends to ride her own bicycle at the lake about 10 a.m. on a Sunday. During the trial, Ms. Dolkart denied making that statement.

So proud

M.Bro is getting her first runner's toenail - it's about half-off, and she's freaking out. I told her it'll regrow in a couple months, but that didn't seem to comfort her.

Jury's back!

Lots of news places are reporting that the Jackson jury is back with a verdict - should be read in 20 minutes or so.

My friends, these are big times we're living through - big times indeed.

Update: Momentus times, of stories and song and tales long told.

Menomonie autonomy labotomy getoffame

It turns out that Menomonie's Best Western doesn't have internet access, so here's what I would have written, had I the ability to write it -
M.Bro surprised me with the new Decemberists CD before we started the 3-hour drive to Menomonie (although, as I was soon to find out, she wanted to read the whole way and the CD was not so much a gift as it was a bribe). It's excellent, as I guessed it would be (in particular, download 16 Military Wives and Mariner's Revenge Song) - I listened to it three times through before 89.3: The Current came in range.

After picking up my race packet, we decided to check out the lake and drive the bike course. The lake was really choppy, but I tried really hard to convince myself that it would be calmer in the stiller morning air.

The bike course was advertised as one of the hardest in the midwest, but every race director wants to say things like that - it gets you a better turnout, I guess. After driving the course, though, I wouldn't be surprised if it ranks up there pretty high. The course was 3 curvy, in-town miles out to a 25 mile loop (short course did one loop, long course did two), for a total bike leg of 31 miles. I don't think there was one flat spot on the loop - it's constantly up and down, including two 3/4 mile+ and one 1 1/2 mile climbs (measured on the car's odometer). Christ - now I'm nervous, and wishing more than a little bit that I had brought my road bike instead of my tri bike.


These photos were taken last week in Hastings, NE. Here's a meteorology lesson for you -
As updrafts carry precipitation enriched air to the cloud top, upward momentum is lost and the air begins to spread out horizontally, becoming a part of the anvil cloud. Because of its high concentration of precipitation particles (ice crystals and water droplets), the saturated air is heavier than the surrounding air and sinks back towards the earth.

The temperature of the subsiding air increases as it descends. However, since heat energy is required to melt and evaporate the precipitation particles contained within the sinking air, the warming produced by the sinking motion is quickly used up in the evaporation of precipitation particles. If more energy is required for evaporation than is generated by the subsidence, the sinking air will be cooler than its surroundings and will continue to sink downward.

The subsiding air eventually appears below the cloud base as rounded pouch-like structures called mammatus clouds.

Update II

The light went off while we were running errands this morning - victory!

It's oppressively hot outside - if it doesn't rain tonight, it may be a miserable triathlon tomorrow morning. The Best Western in Menomonie has internet access, so I'll try to blog tonight after pre-riding the course and swimming in the lake.


$209.12 later (almost $257 until M.Bro pointed out that they promised to call us if it was going to be over $200 - their fault, and we saved $50), the car doesn't rev at 57 mph anymore, but the Service Engine Soon light is on. Since that can mean any one of about 500 different things, we're going to wait it out. We've driven M.Bro's boss's car in the past - her SES light has been on steadily for about two years. Is there a less useful warning?

We're driving 3 1/2 hours to Menomonie this afternoon for a triathlon tomorrow morning, so we'll put the new transmission fluid through its paces on I-90. Madison readers - we may be calling you to pick us up when it turns out that we really did need to service the engine soon.

Two worse places to spend a morning?

I split this morning between the dentist and the auto mechanic - ugh to both. The dentist found a cavity they have to fill, and the guy at Car-X is trying to figure out why our RPMs go wacky in between 55 and 60 mph - best case scenario is that they flush the transmission fluid and change the filter, for $200. Worst case scenario is that the transmission is shot, which would probably run $2000+ - more than our vehicle is worth as a trade-in. I'm sitting at work now with that crappy feeling in the pit of my stomach, waiting for Car-X to show up on my caller ID. Once we move closer to M.Bro's job, we'll be able to live much less car-dependently, but we're still going to need something reliable to travel to races this summer. Blergh.

Wet time trial?

I'm supposed to ride to the time trial in an hour, but the sky is lookin' awfully stormalicious. At the risk of looking like a wuss, I'm thinking about bailing. Don't I pay my gym membership for days like this?

Better than a guy who lives in a van down by the river

I thought this was a great, unique motivational tool! From TNO:
Send me a picture of you with your shirt off. In three months, send me another one. If I don't see three months of improvement, I get to post the first picture on

White Stripes

I'm not sure how to handle it when one of my favorite bands starts getting this much mainstream press. Does that make me a music snob? Shouldn't I be happy that they're being exposed to a wider audience?

More on baby birds...

From an off-topic post on Slowtwitch -
So I hire these guys to pressure wash the TOP of my deck (12' off the ground)...they come out, looking stoned of course. Take out their pressure washer and knock a birds nest with chicks off the lower part of my desk with the water spray...THEN make a game out of blowing 3 day old Robin chicks across the yard with pressure washer spray! That is just idiotic and sick! I told them to get the fuck off my property and to never fucking come back...and NO I will NOT be paying for their services! How can anyone laugh and make a game out of killing baby birds?

I picked up the nest and put 4 back in it...I really hope the mom comes back.

I'm just shocked - really shocked. I was just crushed that I couldn't save the baby bird in our yard - I can't imagine how these kind of people live with themselves.

Help settle this debate

Smoked gouda - good cheese for sandwiches, or no?

I'm not telling you which position is mine and which is M.Bro's, because there are certain readers that side with her just to antagonize me.

Maybe the tigers will speak

Who: Neko Case w/ Low Skies

When: Tonight at 8:30

Where: The Barrymore on Atwood

Excitement Level: Defcon 4


It's been a while since I was nervous to do a workout - nervous for a race, sure, but not for workouts. I'm kind of excited to be nervous though - how stupid is that?

RIP baby bird

Three times M.Bro and I put a baby bird back in its nest yesterday afternoon - no easy task, since we don't own a ladder long enough to reach the top of the tree. This morning, though, it had fallen/flown/been pushed out again and either hadn't survived the fall or starved during the night.

On an evening such as this

I'm really tired and tomorrow's alarm is already set for 4:30, but it would be a crime to let an evening like this pass without enjoying it - I'm taking a crossword and a beer and partaking of them on my patio.

Those wacky Christians!

Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a race report that contains some not-so-crazy Christians - much to my and your dismay. Some photos to follow, once Walgreen's gets them back to me. Some photos are up now if you want to see them.

M.Bro's racing the Lake Mills tri (her first open-water event) tomorrow morning, so I imagine there'll be a second race report and more pictures tomorrow afternoon.

Single-sex triathlons

Some of the biggest and fastest-growing triathlon events are women's-only races - the Danskin series, for example. There are, to my knowledge, no men's-only events. With real, genuine, non-facetious interest, I wonder why? It's been suggested by my colleagues here that women enjoy the less-competitive atmosphere of a testosterone-heavy coed tri, while men have little interest in strutting around at a sausage-fest. I might buy the latter part of that argument, but the first part doesn't ring quite right with me for some reason.

Societe de Internationale

After speaking with Spice tonight, I understand there's a two-front, bicoastal, four-blogger movement afoot. Viva the revolution!

Edited to add: a secret movement afoot.