Zaskar update

After a sizing-related conversation with some more-experienced mountain bikers this morning, my Zaskar has been ordered. I pulled some strings, and sped up the whole process - it's coming by van on Friday instead of by FedEx in 7-10 days. I also picked up the tires Kenda is sponsoring us with, and our team kits should be here in a week and a half.

The sizing-related issue - I couldn't decide whether I needed a L or XL frame. The L has a top tube close to what I ride on my road and tri bikes, but the XL has standover closer to the really nice full-suspension bike I did a race on last fall. Here's what the GT product manager had to say -
The XL is friggin’ huge. Not as big as I thought it would be but with the long head tube and 130mm stem it was quite the stretch. Coming from a Tri back ground and also being new to the mountain bike even a large will stretch you a lot for technical sections. An XL will probably not give you the weight to keep the rubber down and the fork down when you do steep uphills.

My first race is 25 days away, and I don't have a bike nor have I been on the trails (which, in my defense, aren't even open yet) - should I be worried?

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Ms. A said...

I dont really have a opinion on what bike is prettier or whatever but a bike is a bike to me but to someone like you who always rides bikes and use them in races it may be different. I dont know if you should be worried about your race but good luck in it. How far do you have to go?