Zaskar Team - International-only

Is this frame prettier than mine? The international market always gets more models than the U.S. market, and this is my frame with different paint/decals and a different component group. One of the other guys on the team works in the parts department and nabbed one of these framesets out of international warranty supply. Is it prettier than mine?


Mister Vertigo said...

Personally, I like the black one you posted earlier. It's sexier. Of course, it also depends on the colors your team will be wearing. If your team is wearing something that would match the blue frame, then that would look sharp. If you are only discussing looks, then ya gotta think about the whole package, not just the frame.

The gilfriend has made me watch WAY too many home decorating shows, and I keep doing stuff like thinking about colors and what goes together. Maybe I'm developing taste. That's a scary thought!

Theo said...

You know, you can use IMG tags to reduce the size of that bike picture so it doesn't bleed over into your right-hand margin menus.

For example, if I right-click on that image (in Firefox) and go to Properties, I see that it is 599 pixels wide and 395 pixels high (why isn't high spelled heigh?). So just pick a width that will fit within your message area (for example, 300) and scale the height to maintain proportions.

For example, 300 * 395/599 ~ 198. So you can resize the picture to be 300 wide and 198 high.

So just add width and height tags:

img src="image url" width="300" height="198"

Now, if you link that resized image to the original image, if people click on the image it will pop up in full size.

It might make it look a bit nicer on the blog. Just a thought.

Sophist said...

God loves all his children, and that also applies to bikes.