Zaskar Expert

There's nothing like shaking off the nerdiness of an academic conference by building a mountain bike the next morning. Do you know what Gary King is doing this morning? I assure you - it's not building a Zaskar Expert, which he'll be taking to Kettle Moraine state forest later today!

The assembly and adjustment took about two hours, which is slow by bike shop standards. Oddly, it's exactly equivalent to my personal average for assembling mountain bikes. "Are you even qualified to do this?" you may be asking. To which I would reply, "We'll find out, I guess."

A pre-assembly Zaskar Expert. Someone at Pacific needed the box, so I missed out on that picture.

Removing the substantial-but-not-excessive packaging material, including the many warning stickers.

Still removing

Clamping the bars in the stem

Swapping the stock tires for the Kenda tires from my sponsor

Proud papa

My blog is now the #7 hit when you google "zaskar expert".

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