Zaskar Expert

Over the past three or four months, I've been slowly financing my new mountain bike by reducing, via ebay, the amount of bike stuff I have in my basement. I had accumulated an embarrassing amount of stuff over the past six years - much of it relatively valuable, including a never-built titanium frame, an old-school Trek track frame, and various never-used parts and components. There's a market for just about everything on ebay, and I've slowly been able to clean up my bike area and save money for a new mountain bike simultaneously.

I just made a big paypal transfer, and I'll going to call Pacific tomorrow to order the Zaskar Expert pictured above. I've never not ridden on a borrowed mountain bike - sometimes it was an entry-level pig of a bike from a friend, other times it was a top-of-the-line-and-way-out-of-any-price-range-I-can-fathom prototype from work, but I didn't ever have consistent quality, function, or fit. The shipping process from the Pacific Cycle warehouse in Illinois is relatively quick and I should have it before my first race on the 30th of this month.

Feel free to tell me that it looks fast and/or sleek and/or gorgeous and/or fast again and/or rugged.

Being able to pay for it in cash is also kind of satisfying - which, god, probably means I'm turning into some sort of financially responsible adult.


Mister Vertigo said...

That is a damn sexy, fast-looking, rugged bike. :)

Paying cash is always nice. When I got my last PC, I purchased all the parts on the internet and paid cash. It always feels much more guilt-free when you don't buy someting on credit!

ashley said...

Well your bike looks pretty slick. I predict that the bike that you purchased with cash will do you good. Buying it with cash does always have its advantages. And I want to wish you good luck on your first race with this bike that you will compete in. Is this race at certain place or are you entering it just for the fun of it.
Have fun in your race.