TurboTax? Turb-NO-tax!

Yesterday, M.Bro and I spent a lovely evening at Atlanta Bread Company doing our taxes. We had partially completed them on TurboTax already, but were concerned when it didn't ask us about some things we knew we should be asked about. The manual forms are not really all that hard anyway, and we didn't want to give any more money to the Bush administration than we absolutely had to. It turns out that TurboTax had calculated a federal tax bill significantly higher than the one we calculated with the old-skool paper forms. And we're even getting a small (very small) refund from the State of WI, rather than paying them a small (very small) amount.

Fearing the IRS, this made us nervous. What did we screw up? After multiple trips through the 1040 and supplemental schedules, we convinced ourselves that we were right and TurboTax was skimming money off the top or something.

We were predisposed to think that, however, since TurboTax calculated high for us last year too. A last-minute trip to H&R Block to file our 2003 taxes a year ago revealed that the TurboTax software had overestimated our taxes due that year as well. Unfortunately, the H&R Block fee wiped out the difference, and we were only beter off because we at least knew we weren't overpaying.

Next year - all on our own, from the beginning.

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Ms. said...

I havent had to do anything with taxes yet, but I do no that they are a tough thing to do. So good luck at doing your taxes and dont rip eachothers heads off.