Bike Blogging - Fargo St Hill Climb

At two blocks long, LA's Fargo St hill is pretty short. At a 33% grade, however, it's also pretty painful to ride up. The LA Wheelmen, a cycling club, sponsor an annual Fargo climb where the goal is not only to get up Fargo St, but to do it as many times as possible. Within a time limit, you ask? No - just until you can't ride anymore because you're throwing up and/or dead. Some photos from this year's event -

Looking at Fargo St from two blocks away:

Dave Wyman - former record-holder (26 climbs)

Apparently a lot of riders take tandems to the climb, but ride them solo - they're heavier, but the front wheel stays on the ground.

This picture gives you a better perspective of how steep Fargo is

Finally, here's the patch you get for climbing it once.


Sophist said...

Oh. My. God. 33% grade?
in the San Francisco Grand Prix, there is a hill with a 25% grade which all the participants freak out about when they get here and realize that they can't handle that hill on their current crank set. The course has them going up it 8 times. Apparently, the week of the Grand Prix, every bike shop in town sells out of crank sets.

You know it's a steep hill when you need to use a Tandem to keep from tipping over backwards, huh?

Ms. A said...

All that I can say is HOLY COW! How in the world can anyone do that. Let alone do it 26 times. That is totaly amazing. Have you ever had to climb it. If not Good Luck.