A band made up entirely of child stars is not beyond reason

In addition to lead singer Jenny Lewis having formerly starred in The Wizard with Fred Savage and Troop Beverly Hills with Shelley Long, Rilo Kiley's guitarist, Blake Sennett, was apparently a regular on Spice-favorite Boy Meets World. He acted under the name Blake Soper and played John Adams Junior High bully Joey "the rat" Epstein.

He's the one standing in the top photo and second from the right in the lower pic. Spice - ring any bells?

Edited to add: Now I think the two guys I pointed out are, in fact, different people. There's very little information members of Rilo Kiley that aren't Jenny Lewis - maybe it's because the three guys look pretty interchangeable.

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Spice said...

Of course I know who Joey "the Rat" Epstein is! He was one of Harley's sidekicks in the middle part of the series.

I had just settled into a nice pattern of watching BMW every night at midnight when they decided to push it an hour later so stupid Lizzie McGuire could be on earlier. Suck! I'm not sure I love BMW to stay up until 1 - but damn, it was a nice nightcap, and I was looking forward to seeing the whole series from the beginning (they just started the loop over again).