Back in the midwest after the Midwest (also in the midwest)

The blogging has been nil the last two days because of ye olde Midwest Politice Science Association conference in Chicago. M.Bro and I drove down Thursday afternoon (after swimming with D.Kap - see post to follow) for my Friday afternoon panel. I presented a paper called blah, blah, market-cakes. You don't care about any of that.

The trip did give rise to a number of questions that I now pose to you, my readers:

1) Are building copyrighted? And if so, does the Marina Condo Association get royalties whenever a copy of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is sold?

2) Is there such a thing as a "spring handbag"? Was I in the wrong for giggling at my wife when she said she wanted to look for one?

3) Am I an irresponsible academic for thinking every paper other than mine (and, sometimes, mine too) is boring as all get out? I feel like I have an academic responsibility to find other people's work interesting, but I just can't muster up any enthusiasm for it.

4) Do you think that publishing companies staff their conference booths with young, attractive women on purpose? "Hello, nerd - I'm the hottest woman you've ever talked to. Would you like 300 copies of this book about the Iranian nuclear program? How about if I show you a little cleavage? 400?"

5) Who blesses the pope when he sneezes? Isn't that kind of presumptuous? I mean - he's the pope, and you're going to bless him?


Jenn Onofrio said...

4.) Absolutely. Yes.

I was once hired as one of these women at a NYC Hi-Def/Digital Media conference. I was to look pretty, smile a lot, and sell books (of which I had .003% interest in). I was paid $16 an hour and sold out of the books every day.

I also got asked out to dinner... a lot. But that's a whole different story.

There's an entire industry out there for Girls Who Look Pretty And Don't Mind Selling Their Souls. It's kind of a guerilla marketing off-set of advertising. I know a girl that works for Budweiser on the weekends; same story, but she gets $22 an hour.

When in doubt, sell it with sex.

grrrbear said...

1) I'd say no. It's the slippery slope argument. If you start by saying a building can be copyrighted then eventually logic would dictate neighborhoods could be copyrighted, then cities, and the next thing you know they have to move The Toronto because they can't afford the royalties. Plus, the difference between books, CD's, movies, etc and architecture is that with the former you need to buy one in order to hear/read/view it. But buildings would seem to be, by definition, in the public domain. Everyone who walks past can see it without paying for a "license".

2) I would have giggled too. Partially because I don't know whether handbags are seasonal but also b/c I'd find it laughable that she'd think I could know how to spot one in the wild.

3) Nope. Just like show and tell in elementary school. "What I brought is *sooo* much better than Billy's stupid rock collection and Sally's Megalodon fossil tooth she found this summer at paleontology camp".

4) I'm with Jenn. As someone who works in the hardware industry, I can say with certainty that it is so. Every trade show I attend is staffed with either hired "mercenary" hotties or the most attractive young women who work for the company. Purely to try and get the chief engineer to come over to their booth to talk about pliers. Once I saw a booth staffed with Hooters girls. I think they were supposed to be selling inspection equipment.

5) Maybe the pope gets a blanket blessing when he takes office, covering sneezes, coughs, bad hair days...