April Fo..........whatever.

My wife's dislike of dressing up for Halloween is closely followed by her refusal to pull pranks on April Fool's day. It's not just that she doesn't like to or doesn't think she'd be good at it - she gets annoyed and flustered if you even suggest that she should. Psychologically, this is interesting to me. What does M.Bro have against deception?


grrrbear said...

That is interesting. How does she respond to other people pulling pranks on her? Does she villify them or just roll her eyes and say "Children, children, children..." with a sense of exasperation?

Next step would be for you to test her response by taking the deception out of context. Dress up in full costume before you go to work on April 12th instead of Halloween. Pull a prank on August 13th. Does her response vary from the control period?

Mister Vertigo said...

Now THATS a study I'd like to read about!

ashley said...

I think that if you were going to pull a prank on your wife on April fools day, you could pull a prank that isnt to harmless and would not be to dramatic to make her get upset. If you pull a prank on anyone they will have any sort of come back about you doing something to them.